The tagline for "Depressed Academics" is "Somewhere you can talk about it".

We don't feel you should talk about it if you don't want to, but we do want there to be a place that you can talk about it if you do want to.

And we do mean you, if you want to. We do want a community and we are more about people telling them stories than giving advice. So if you want to write a guest post, please feel free to do so.

It the minute we do not have a great setup for guest posts, but you can do this easily: just mail us at and we can put something up. We can either add you as a blog author or put it out directly ourselves: in either case we will credit you. Of course we will credit your preferred name, real, pseudonym, or anonymous.

Posts will be published under the share-alike creative commons licence, but you will retain copyright.

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